Cloud-MANET and IoT Collaboration- A New Era of Technology?

The shift in the concept of IoT- from information-based technology to an actively operational-based technology, has affected the market and revolutionised the yesterday’s technology for acquiring data and its storage.

The two-decade-old IoT has introduced ease in data storage and processing which had been lacking since ages.

IoT-based smart devices have sensors which capture data and store it on the database, which is further connected to Physical object.

IoT has sensors, smart devices and a smart grid of interfaces to provide smart solutions.

There are iot development companies which provide the optimal IoT solutions and turns the ordinary device into a small one.

What is Cloud Computing?

The introduction of different computing models like grid computing, parallel computing and disseminated computing into a sole superior computing framework pulled in cloud computing in the technical world.

Today, Cloud computing is exploring the data processing over a serverless service provided through a cloud server which means data is stored, managed and processed using intelligent machines like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning over the cloud network.

There are three basic paradigms offered by Cloud Computing:

  • IaaS-Infrastructure as a Service- It is for network architect who requires infrastructure capabilities.
  • PaaS-Platform as Service- It is for developers who require platforms to develop different applications.
  • SaaS-Software as a Service- It is for end-users who require software for their daily activities.

What is Cloud-MANET?

The cloud-manet framework is regarded as smart communication between smart devices regardless of any centralised infrastructure. This framework is best for Machine to Machine network as there are several devices nearby. User can use this smart device for video, image, text and audio exchange with the cloud servers while lessening the information.

MANET-Mobile ad hoc networks are a network which provides the luxury to users to get connected anywhere at any time. The combination of Cloud and MANET provides access to the cloud in the MANET network for smart devices. Today, users look for MANET network gathering at a single place to access the network.

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Steps of Cloud-MANET Framework:

  • Step 01: Create a mobile ad hoc network.
  • Step 02: Access the ad hoc network in the range.
  • Step 03: Register your smart devices in MANET.
  • Step 04: Register the MANET devices in the cloud.
  • Step 05: Implement the IoT-based Cloud-MANET model to all the smart devices and start communicating.

Cloud-MANET & IoT:

Present cellular networks do not permit all smart devices to connect without a centralised infrastructure. This new combination can increase the capabilities of smart devices. This framework (ad hoc network ) can connect all the smart devices in a decentralised framework.

Normally, smart devices are in the 3D plane on X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis which means the entire area is spread over the wireless network distributed into several cells. They are stationed and are around each cell; smart devices in each cell are free to move within the range.

The smart devices would be able to discover another device nearby in binary digit within the same cell area. If there exists a two-dimensional plane, then the device’s detection would be carried out through the Hidden Markov Model (HMM).

HMM is connected in the working area and devices are allowed to move freely. This model helps them in discovering new devices.

What happens- Smart devices in the range of MANET?

The primary purpose of placing smart devices into the MANET networks is to secure connection and coverage. Initially, MANET remains in an inactive state, but as devices start making communication effort with others, it gets activated. In fact, any steady-state device can communicate and make changes in the dynamic state of MANET.

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Implementation of MANET:

The smart device users would be able to use cloud service to discover the smart devices, minimise important information like videos, images, messages in big data and could process them.

This framework can be used to extract the maximum benefit from the upcoming 5G heterogeneous network.

To potentially utilise this framework, the business can hire node.js developers who can optimally use the prowess of the Javascript environment to develop specific APIs for this framework.

The IoT enabled smart device would be recognised as service nodes. The interaction between the nodes would be secure, vulnerabilities-free and safe by accepting of the cloud-MANET framework.

The IoT based devices are connected to other devices or network through network protocols like smartwatch, tablets etc. The cloud-computing assists in sharing storage, resources and services.

Cloud computing helps in sharing resources, storage, and services using mobile applications for a large amount of smart data.

This new framework is designed to provide secure communication among smart devices in the area of Cloud-MANET.

This smart algorithm is run as a mobile application and has been tested in cloud-MANET of smart devices for different protocols. The outcomes can be implemented in the framework of IOT in 5G heterogeneous network over the cloud service.

Features to Know:

  • This framework utilises a decentralised infrastructure for smart device communication.
  • It can be integrated into the wireless network area.
  • It is compatible with the 5G (heterogeneous network).
  • It offers reliable and secure communication.
  • The connected smart devices appear as nodes.
  • Through this framework, smart device detection and communication can be done in both 2D and 3D planes.
  • This framework is functional in a dynamic state for communications.

End words

As the 5G networks have grabbed its occupancy among the users; it is not wrong to say that 2020 would be the flourishing year for 5G.

Though the establishment of communication between the smart devices in a heterogeneous structure of 5G network would be challenging on the same line, the budget of Cloud-MANET framework gave the solution to the developers.

A decentralised infrastructure with cloud capabilities would undoubtedly change the outlook of existing IoT. Hence better communication and data exchange among smart devices.

You can too take leverage of this new blend and enjoy the framework potentially to draw maximum profit. But before that get a reliable IoT Development Services and jump into the vast IoT world.


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