If you are planning to try your hands in the online Food Delivery business, then absolutely it is a good idea. Today’s statics limns the evolving scope in the QSRs. As per Statista, the revenue generated in the Online Food Delivery segment is US $7,092m till May, 2019. It is expected that the statistic will change with the annual growth rate of 9.9% between CAGR 2019-2023, resulting in a market volume of US$10,363m by 2023.

China is currently leading in the business with US$39,888m. The calculations state that today, most of the customers are switching the online food delivery to avoid the interaction with people and stay at their calm. They love searching for their favourite food online and having it comfortably at their home or office.

So, the idea of developing a mobile app can provide a wing to your already existing restaurant business.

But before you start your journey in this industry and explore many other ways, let’s check out the basic outlines which can terminate your plight for “How to develop the best Food Delivery Apps?”

1. Easy to Use Interface: Simplicity always the allure and this statement also justify its worth for the first screen. One should keep the first screen, from where the customer logs in, simple and easy to understand. For example, the food menu option, favourite restaurant or offers available should be easy to access because unnecessary complication can repel the customers and invite many logoffs.

2. Safe Payments: Today, online safety has emerged as the most talked topic. Secure transactions and payments are part of the same along with data privacy.

If you are working on the development or seeking the help of the developer for the same, then do consider this important point. You need to take care of the privacy and safe payment system to build a long-term relationship between you and the customer. If you ever require some data, then ask the customer for the same, respecting his/her privacy.

3. Live Order Tracking: Providing an option of live order tracking falls in the ‘must option’ for any online food delivery app. Anyone who orders the food expects to track to get its current status. Even restaurant owners tend to follow the same to know either the delivery boy is delivering the food on time or not.

Delivery of hot and fresh food on time is another way which confirms the regularity of the costumer.

4. Multiple Methods to Order: People aren’t observed just being engaged in the mobile delivery app; they also check the website delivery app and desktop apps. So providing a facility of multi-access will certainly tag you in the priority.

5. Alluring Rewards and Offers: It’s always exciting for a customer when they receive offers or rewards. So, offering rewards or offers will help in sticking the customer to your restaurant or services. So, your app should notify the customers about the rewards and offers existing in the restaurant.

6. Push Notifications: If you are still stuck on how will you manage the offers and rewards, then push notifications are the best way. But, excess of push notification can repel your customer and too less will definitely not create revenue. So the best approach is to ask the customer about the number of notifications they desire and when.

Now comes another section which requires a reasonable consideration. So, let’s have a check at the factors which need to be considered if you are developing Food Delivery Apps.

The vigorous competition and the alluring advertisement of app developing companies often leave us in a dilemma. Hence, it’s your responsibility to check which company will fit in as per your need. So, let’s know on what basis you can decide a company which can develop a simple and proficient app for you.

1. Check your budget: The first and foremost step involved in the development of the mobile app is an investment. Therefore you need to decide how much money you want to spend. Look for a company which can harmonize with your budget and fulfil all your requirements.

2. Framework(s) to choose: Before you decide the framework or frameworks for your mobile app, you need to determine which platform you want to serve. Once it’s done, then you will have a plethora of frameworks to choose and get your app developed. You really need not possess so much knowledge about frameworks as it is the responsibility of the hired company. They let you know about each framework, along with its benefits and feedback. They even inform you about the right framework that can set well with your mobile app.

3. Lightening-Fast Delivery: Well, if you are planning for food delivery app then Lightning-Fast Delivery is no new word. Your app should be capable of managing the order placement in minimum time to the right person and then update the status of the order in real time.

4. Know your Customer: Whatever business you are in, if you are not aware of your customers or having no plan about which customer you want to target, then your planning and purposes are in vain.

So, before you design your mobile app, you should get clear about which age audience is going to be your priority. If you are targeting middle age people, then the design would be very different from other ages. The display of the app should be dependent on the target customer.

5. Decide your USP to allure max: Well, you are not the one is the market; hence, you need to become the ‘one’ where people stop their search. Decide your USP and make sure it is well highlighted in your app. You should have strategies and services which can clean-bowl your competitors and make you a winner with huge revenue.

If you crossed or had a considerable visit over all these points then yeah you are all set to have your own online delivery app. One last thing to keep in mind, keep checking your competitors because it is said that “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” Period.

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