Top 13 Expected IoT Trends of 2020

2020 has just arrived and hence stir in technology is obvious to notice. IoT has been grabbing the attention since it has made a space in the technology, and its tremendous use in the coming year is absolutely predictable.

Gartner has predicted that in the year 2020, about 20 billion devices would be connected to the IoT. The IoT product and IoT development service providers would generate a $300 billion business in revenue.

So, let’s check the top 13 IoT technology trends that would define the future of IoT in 2020 and beyond.

1. Smart Home Devices:

Those who have been rejecting smart home technology and referred it as unrealistic toys couldn’t be able to resist the attractiveness of smart home devices with IoT. The IoT based devices would not just introduce automation but would assure home security and the safety of your family.

For instance, Dryers that warn you when the accumulation of lint gets too high can prevent a fire. This kind of smart home functionality would be a part of the IoT connected smart system.

Another perspective that would be tackled through IoT is to ‘save energy’. Smart lighting and intelligent thermostats would help in the motive while relieving people from heaving electricity bills.

2. Edge Computing Will Dominate Over Cloud Computing:

Edge computing would overtake the importance of storing data over the cloud. IoT has been connected to the cloud for data storage. But with the urgency of time, IoT development and developers and manufacturers have realized the utility of storing, analyzing and calculating data to a determined limit to churn the beneficial outcome.

This means that all the data collected through IoT will not be directly stored in the cloud. Data would be collected to a local device located closer to the IoT device or at the edge of the network. The data would be analyzed and filtered and then would be sent to the cloud promising less traffic to the system.

This whole process is referred to as “edge computing”; this entry offers many advantages.

    • Manages a large amount of data sent from the device
    • Reduces dependency on the cloud
    • Minimizes latency

Through this way, IoT application would consume less bandwidth and works even when the connectivity to the cloud is affected.

These exceptional features demonstrate that future technology would adopt IoT to an extreme level. The limited engagement of the cloud ensures better security practices and reduces connectivity costs. Thus the coming year would spin the best solutions from twelve-year-old, IoT.

3. Healthcare Will Adopt IoT:

The coming year would experience a big boom of IoT in the healthcare industry.

As per Frost and Sullivan, the Internet of medical things could expand to make an annual growth rate of up to 26.2% and would reach $ 72,000 million by the end of 2021.

Healthcare devices such as medical equipment, portable devices, sensors, monitor of health and a variety of other medical devices are designed in a way to connect with IoT.

Since, the connectivity of the techie as well as general people to the Internet, has been massively established, the attraction to IoT becomes a normal fact.

Today there are mobile health applications and virtual assistants to keep an eye on patient’s health through smart wearables and implants that informs the patient’s parameters and series of other smart devices has reframed the outlook of the medical world.

4. IoT Security On Top:

As the IoT is getting penetrated in the different industries, the connection of more devices is veneering the risk of data piracy. Thus, this reason has boosted the demand for tight IoT security.

As of now, all IoT devices are not featured with the kind of security features that laptops and computers have. By this year, the changes are the most expected thing to be done.

The necessary inclusions would be:

    • Biometric logins necessary
    • Artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data techniques would be used to identify and protect data infractions

5. AI & Big Data World:

Today billions of industrial devices and consumer are connected to IoT and hence, a massive amount of data transmission is needed to be processed and analyzed accordingly.

The purpose is not to collect data but also to extract the potential information from the bulk of data. For that, some seriously big data and artificial engineering techniques would be required to process all the information.

Merge of AI, IoT and Big Data would create a new advanced generation application assuring security.

6. Blockchain for IoT Security:

The inclusion and success of IoT Security would introduce the decentralization of many financial and government institutions, entrepreneurs, industrialists and consumers, making them quite smart and independent. Nowadays, some companies are observed building territory on the entanglement of IOTA to develop modules and other components for firms without the cost of Cloud & SaaS.

IOTA is a distributed ledger designed to record and execute transactions between devices in the IoT ecosystem.

7. Improved Data Analytics:

This year can surprise us with the latest invention done by the combination of IoT with AI. It could become a decision-making assistant for all businesses and individual.

AI is a machine learning system that masters identifying trends. IoT trends would expose better data analysis and assures protection. Besides this, it would also collect information from considerable data to frame better decisions for our lives.

8. Smart Cities To Turn Into Mainstream:

In the past years, states have been implementing more technologies and sensors to utilize accessible data collection tools to their full potential.

Soon, IoT trends would influence the cities which envisions investing in pioneering exchanges of data that permits access and the amalgamation of data between public and private organizations together with citizens.

The integration of IoT with receptive cities would open sustainable development, improved security and reduced traffic congestion.

9. Personalization of the Retail Experience:

IoT has stepped into the retail supply chain, making it more efficient now. With the introduction of sensors and other smart technique, shopping has become quite easy, and people can do it more precisely.

Observations and indulgence of IoT Trends in this sector would provide a personalized commercial presence. You could receive a discount notification on a product and even get the exact product you want, from your favourite store. Thus, this new addition to the shopping world would provide a personalized retail experience.

10. Predictive Maintenance Boost:

In the coming days, the home would keep an eye on every home assets and would inform you about the appliances failures, plumbing leaks, electrical failures to skip the looming disasters.

In future, there would be home care offers as a contract service. They would take care of things( issues) irrespective of your presence and absence. Currently, various home insurance companies deliver the services as they are aware of the nature of smart sensors and various other connected devices which are affected by IoT trends.

11. Software-as-a-Service Turns as a Norm:

When the IoT technology trends come in a role, then software as service is concerned as hot topics for the estimated markets.

SaaS, which requires a low cost of entry, has become a favourite in the IT gaming sector.

12. Creation of Unified Framework for Integration:

Lack of a unified IoT framework is one of the worrying challenges IoT has been facing while cooperating with the industries. Many companies don’t have a central platform thus are unable to use the trends mentioned above as they need a unified framework to keep industries safe and secure.

Blockchain will undoubtedly accelerate the adoption process with the help of allowing the improvement and development of web and mobile applications. These applications have high-performance thresholds and would help in maintaining the required data-intensive process.

13. Energy and Resource Management through IoT:

Energy and resource management would also be influenced by adding IoT. Energy management is reliable on the knowledge of the amount of consumption. Integrating products and devices with IoT technology trends would help in saving energy and resources by informing the consumption of data and its usage hours. This would make the life of people more relaxed and comfortable.

Automatic notifications through smartphones for excessive use of power consumption could escape probable risks. Other features like sprinkler control, indoor management etc. are also a smart way to reduce energy consumption.

In a nutshell:

The trends, as mentioned above, would blanket the new year promising better growth with a lower risk of piracy. Some trends would dominate the IoT app development ecosystem, which would benefit both consumers and industries as well.

No doubt, new technologies would come up to make IoT accessible and secured. So, this new year might change the outlook of the on-going technical era and certainly would be the most promising one.

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