How IoT Solutions can Enhance Agriculture in 2020?

After taking a look at the attempts made by IoT to influence different sectors and technologies, its clear that IoT has developed a remarkable space in all the types of market, say manufacturing or smart home, mobile app or healthcare etc. Most of the attempts are successful and are strongly upheaving the business.

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Since the population is increasing rapidly, the demand for food and crop is obvious to be noticed. Improper crop management and storage is the leading reason for the “food-shortage” disaster.

An iot development company can help in this crisis by integrating the whole agricultural process with IoT.

Why Internet of Things in agriculture?

Contributing to making better agricultural tradition, IoT is used to do precision farming, carry out greenhouse activities, management and monitoring of fish farms.

Various systems contribute to IoT in agriculture and are used as per the needs of the area and its production. For instances, livestock monitoring hardware, fish farming hardware, automation and control systems, sensing and monitoring device, software and smart greenhouse hardware.

Applications of IoT for:

  • Livestock & plant disease monitoring
  • Yield measurement
  • Quota systems
  • Soil conditioning
  • Remote machine control
  • Computer platform controller
  • Mobile platform controller

What do you need to imply IoT to farmland:

Application of IoT in farming is only possible if the farmland has sensor networks, data analytics software, machine to machine communication, mobile or computer-based application and management system.

The different tech tools supporting IoT for farm management enables for making informed decisions at the right time.

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Advantages of including IoT solutions in agriculture:

Better insight into Internal processes:

  • Site managers will get a better view of the farm field by providing precise data of the soil strength, crop health, track the performance of the fleets etc. These will provide detailed information covering all the facets of agriculture from beginning to an end with IoT technologies.

Enhanced Coordination of the Process:

  • Inclusion of IoT application into the agriculture sector provides a way to analyse the existing data and modify the farming methods if needed. Through advanced machine learning and data visualization tools, real-time data monitoring has become possible. Thus, it aids in substantial growth in a cost-effective way.

Improvement in Productivity:

  • The ultimate goal of adding advanced agriculture is to increase productivity. Smart agriculture is an attempt to improve yield on a large scale. IoT helps in the same from the very starting point to the last end.
  • IoT assists in precision farming, autonomous tractors, extensive flood control methods via IoT sensors and forecast.
  • Smart agriculture is the top call of the generation as it is capable of improving the existing irrigation facilities, which can increase crop yield by offering end-to-end IoT agriculture monitoring.

Higher Return on Investment:

  • Organic farming has owned the market by showcasing its substantial health benefits. People are falling for it in a flow, thus shifting to organic farming provides better earning opportunity.
  • IoT solutions can back the concept as it can ensure less crop wastage and better yield. It provides analyzed data on most’ most’ favourable condition” which can be utilized for farming.
    Prediction for informed decision making.
  • Precise farm management process can be possible only through the smart agriculture monitoring system by using IoT data visualization tools, detailed overview of asset health, soil condition and other related factors.
  • The predictive analysis helps farmers by providing a complete solution through a single dashboard using smart farming IoT solutions.

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Best Quality Yield:

  • Good quality yield is the only ‘target’ of the farm owner because it influences their earning. IoT can help to get more potent and flourishing agriculture land for farming.
  • IoT helps to create a smart greenhouse implanted with micro-controllers, sensors that can capture the plant growth, lighting and pest usage.
  • The inclusion of IoT helps in adopting Eco-farming, ending the negative impacts of chemical that causes health hazards.

The agriculture industry is ready to welcome the all-new innovations and smart technologies which can improve and enhance productivity. It has accepted IoT for the development of the industry by analyzing the information gathered from sensors, weather station and other machinery.

In a nutshell:

Iot development company holding years of experience in providing IoT solutions can help in maturing old-traditional agriculture. It is expected that IoT solutions will increase productivity while enhancing the efficiency of the field and agriculture tools.

The add on provided by IoT are- water conservation, reduced crop spoilage, reduced fuel wastage and early prediction of looming risks.

The endless potency of IoT has changed the outlook of different sectors. If you are a landowner and looking for a farming solution to earn more, then IoT is the best solution to go with. Contact an iot application development company and turn your imagination into a reality.


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